Be the Boss of Your Body Weight!


TLS Weight Management Program is a proven, Science-Based Approach program. There were four components in our program:


We think that food should be delicious, nutritious and revitalizing. Our easy to follow low-GI program centers on food quality, because wholesome food produces lean, energetic people. We supply the menus and recipes — you bring your appetite.


A truly fit body must be active, which is why we focus on healthy body composition. Here we aim to change the muscle to fat ratio since muscle mass directly influences the metabolism. This is achieved through our clear-cut exercise plans, videos and interactive tools.


Sustaining energy and enthusiasm is essential to effective weight management. We offer an extensive collection of weight management supplements to help you adjust to your new lifestyle and prevent plateaus. Each supplement is specially formulated to target different weight management struggles.


Discover why you struggled to lose weight in the past, and permanently change bad habits. We teach you how to maintain your success and stay motivated. Our interactive tools will also help keep you inspired, because they track your progress throughout your weight management journey. We’re here for you every step of the way.

For more information or to book a FREE Consultation, call or email:
Frieda He – RNC, Weight management coach
tel: 416-550-6888

Why Our Program Will Work for You:

We have 6 weeks and 12 weeks program according to your healthy conditions and weigh loss plan.
6 weeks program including pre-detox (1-2 weeks), liver-colon cleanse (1weeks), ellular-level cleans (1week), and maintenance (2 weeks).
12 weeks program including pre-detox (1-2 weeks), liver-colon cleanse (1weeks), ellular-level cleans (1week), customized modification 8-9 weeks ( fat burning, enhance immune system and targeted intervention)

We have comprehensive Personalized Nutrition Report & Meal Plan Structures, Body composition Test, Genetic Gene Testing, Exercise & Fitness Prescriptions, Nutrition Counseling with a Registered nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coaching.

The programs will have 2-hour session weekly

Each session includes:

  • 1-hour seminar
  • Body composition measurement and assessment
  • 20 minutes stretching exercise and weight-bearing exercise guidance
  • One-on-one counselling with naturopathic doctor or nutritionist for customized plan
  • Complete history intake and physical exam
  • Review of previous available lab test reports
  • Functional testing with respect to factors contributing to weight gain
  • hormones related to insulin resistance and fat burn
  • IgG food sensitivity
  • intestinal flora dysbiosis
  • organic acid test (assessment of metabolism, oxidative stress, inflammation and
  • mitochondria function)
  • toxic and essential elements
  • Individualized integrative weight management intervention